Please complete the form below to be considered by the Tri-State Telugu Association’s Cultural Committee for participation in the 2017 “Dasara and Deepavali” Celebrations on Saturday January 20th, 2018. You will receive an email from the cultural committee with its decision in 7-10 days after you submit your item. DEADLINE TO SUBMIT IS January 10, 2018.

For any Questions, please contact over email to or contact any of our focal members: Radhika Garimella: 847-977-0744 * Chandini Duvvuri: 630-936-8561 * Mahesh Voora: 916-248-1011 * Kirnamai Gooda: 612-812-5175 * Prasad Maruvada: 312-615-6545

The “TTA Cultural Committee” holds the final decision whether to accept or not to accept the registration.

Sankranti And Indian Republic Day 2018

Sankranti And Indian Republic Day 2018 Cultural Participation
  • Enlist the detailed description of the performance which will help TTA cultural committee to short-list
  • Average Age Of Participants
  • Please provide the First Name & Last Name of all the participants in your item separated by a coma (,) for multiple names
  • Yes. We are aware the reporting time is 1:30pm. Also aware that if we fail to report at 1:30pm, our item will be moved to be the last item of the program.