Community Service and Charitable Work

The Tri-State Telugu Association (TTA) is a non-profit incorporated organization of people of Telugu Origin residing in states of Illinois, India, and Wisconsin (Tri-State area). We take pride in being an important part of the community where we live and we we came from. In our efforts to give back to the needy and physically / socially / economically challenged we organize charitable drives during our events where our members and attendees have shown tremendous generosity.

We just completed Thanksgiving, Fall is behind us, the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder. Members of our community are in need of warm weather gear and would be thankful for a winter coat in time for the holiday.  It’s okay when you’re snuggled up warm inside, or outside with friends wearing layers and layers of clothing and thick jackets. You may feel a chill but you’re pretty warm inside your fleecy cocoon. But there are many who aren’t so lucky at this time of year and need an extra layer to keep warm. Join us (Tri-State Telugu Association) as to help our neighbors! We also provide brand new winter coats to kids in need, helping to improve their self-confidence, peer acceptance, school attendance and overall wellness because we believe a new winter coat can provide more than just warm. Our community organizations shares the vision that no child should be left out in the cold.

Join our Tri-State Telugu Assocation mission to help needy people in your own community.

Your spare coats will provide vital warmth for someone in need!

Bone marrow is the spongy tissue located in the center of your bones. The marrow contains the stem cells from which all other specialized cells in your body are formed. The stem cells in your bone marrow are what create the new blood cells your body needs to function. When speaking in terms of donations the words are used to differentiate between the way the cells are collected: 1. Stem Cells refer to donors giving their donation through a blood harvesting method, similar to collecting plasma, called PBSC. PBSC donation is a non-surgical procedure done in an outpatient clinic. PBSC donors receive daily injections of a drug called filgrastim for five days, to increase the number of blood-forming cells in the bloodstream. Then, through a process called apheresis, a donor’s blood is removed through a needle in one arm and passed through a machine that separates out the blood-forming cells. The remaining blood is returned to the donor through the other arm. 2. Marrow Donation generally refers to donors giving actual bone marrow, collected with hollow needles from the back of the hip bones. Tri-State Telugu Assocition welcomes all doners to join for our drive and save the lifes!!!

Tri-State Telugu Associations Toys for Tots is a program ran by our community members to collect and distribute toys to children whose parents cannot afford to buy them gifts.

The Tri-State Telugu Association Toys for Tots Program is thankful for the many generous corporate partners and donors which contribute and help raise toy and monetary donations. Their support helps thousands of less fortunate children enjoy a little fastivals.

Tri-State Telugu Association is the most recognizable charities where toys are donated. Please reach-out any of our community members to donate any new/used toys.

The toys may go directly to a less fortunate child. Your child’s toys will be helping people in your community.


Poor nutrition remains a global problem. Each year, more children die as a result of undernutrition than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.

Tri-State Telugu Association is committed to help and support needfull children around our own community. It’s initiative “Feed My Starving Children” intendes that helps you turn hunger to hope with your own two hands. The approach is simple: children and adults hand-pack meals designed specially for starving children, and TTA community ensures to deliver these meals to needy children. These meals will assist in preventing and reversing malnutrition and are used in schools, orphanages, clinics and feeding programs.

Tri-State Telugu Association FMSC’s goal is to eliminate undernutrition among the children served and leverage meals to support long-term efforts in sustainable development, ensuring that future generations do not go hungry.

The digital classroom is a collaborative space where teachers, students and technology can co-exist in harmony. More sophisticated than an intranet. Tri-State Telugu Association is committed to bring new generation of studies in multiple schools across India.

These are 8 points we consider when transforming towards digital curriculum, including :

1. Necessary infrastructure and technology

2. A textbook as one entity, not the central piece, a wide variety of resources and content are all parts of virtual textbooks (digital curriculum)

3. Student access at homes and the general community

4. Professional development that allows teachers to learn, collaborate 5. Collaboration between classrooms, communities, and cultures

6. Students must learn the online skills necessary to communicate, collaborate, and learn.

7. Nonlinear learning, differentiated instruction, and pedagogy reform could be enabled

8. Student-centered and student-in-charge learning

Tri-State Telugu Association is committed to provide support for those thousands of destitute elders who do not even have access to two square meals and the means to meet their basic needs. Our moto is to provide monthly rations of wheat, rice, pulses, cooking oil and basic spices provided along with daily use items such as detergent, soap, clothing and some pocket money is provided to elders in need. Under this program monetary support is often given to needy elders living in old age homes.

During our ground work for multiple years, it was noted that most elders are unaware or unable to access Pension that is their due from Govt, Tri-State Telugu Assocation works hard at creating awareness and liaising with local authorities in states through its various state offices and helps such elders register themselves for acquiring their Pensions and advocating for elder rights.

Elders are asset in a family not a burden of the family…!

Over 6 million children under the age of 18 in the India world have lost one or both of their parents. Although most orphans are cared for by family members or communities in some way, many of these families are living in poverty. Some form of public assistance is required to provide these children with adequate food, health care, clothing, education and psychosocial support. The need for public assistance varies by state depending on the number of orphans, the socio-economic conditions and local decisions about the type of support to provide and the best way to provide this support.

Together with our supporters, Tri-State Telugu Association bring life-changing care to orphans, train displaced women to become cherished mothers and fund scholarships for education. Because when you empower those with a lot of heart, you affect real change. All children have the right to a healthy childhood, a quality education and an opportunity for a promising future. Our job is to give everyone the opportunity to join in and be the miracle these orphans are hoping for. The goal behind the Orphanage and respective programs is to help their leavers get education, improve their health, choose a profession and find their place in life.

We Cant Help Everyone But Everyone Can Help Someone!!!

We, Tri-State Telugu Association is seriously committed to contribute something back to the society or communities, we consider adopting a village for some specific duration to develope them and adopt another new village. We are promoting a new innovative scheme of ‘adopt a village scheme’ to facilitate positive impacts among rural & tribal communities. By this scheme, we are not going to change the village in to big city’s or completely bring a solution to all pressing problems. We are advocating children lead change in the villages, where we can try to address the issues of water, open defecation, poor waste management, corruption, Right to Information, etc. We can bring a change among the safe sanitation & drinking water practices among poor & rural communities, increase their knowledge and understanding on solid & liquid waste management, rain water harvesting, etc.

The India PM Shri. Narendra Modi said that after his extensive tour of rural India, he has come to a view that villages can be developed only through participation of people. He also said that if one village is developed in a block, it is also likely to have a “viral” effect and development would permeate other villages also. “This is not a money driven scheme. This is a people’s driven and is going to march ahead with people’s participation…The aspirations of the people living in villages are no less than aspirations of those living in cities,” he said.