Dear Entrepreneur,

Greetings from Tri-State Telugu Association (TTA)!
The Tri-State Telugu Association (TTA) is an organization-integrating people of Telugu origin residing in state of Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. This is a non-profit organization formed in 1984 with an intention to coordinate, communicate and help Telugu people living in Tri-State area. Our goal is to create an environment that brings families together and live in an environment that resembles our home. Our attempts to help families has ensued very positive results all over the country. This organization emphasizes the importance of cultural, educational, social and charitable interactions among members and families.

We would be grateful if you could support our community events. We have a 1700 subscribers (as on Nov-2015), and  over 300 people attending every event, and our teens are running much of the programming. If you support us, we will include you in marketing materials, our website and plan on recognizing your organization at our event.

The amount you sponsor is completely up to you. The following are some options to consider when considering my sponsorship request:

If you are interested in sponsoring and need further details, please write us an email to